Modeling Engineer - Fluid Dynamics/Heat Transfer/Combustion/Chemical Engineering

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Date: May 21, 2024

Location: Taichung, TW, 407

Company: Corning

Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Performing numerical simulations using in-house coding and Finite Element Analysis software for designing new manufacturing processes and equipment, or for trouble-shooting existing process upsets.
  • Develop new models or help other engineers develop models if the existing models are insufficient.
  • Apply physical principles to explain data and identify gaps for improving quality or reducing cost. Generate hypothesis to explain the existing gaps in knowledge. Use models or physical tests to confirm or deny hypothesis
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts, division engineers and scientists to facilitate and collect data from plants to develop, calibrate and validate math models. Provide training to engineers and subject matter experts. Prepare training documents.


Required Skills (These are skills that candidates MUST possess):

  • Strong analytical skills for problem solving
  • To be able to consistently solve problems independently. 
  • To have technical leadership and expertise in a few technical areas such as materials modeling
  • Familiar with computational techniques, used in computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer applications and/or finite element analysis.
  • Having a background in tackling complicated problems, defining the underlying physics using fundamental principles and simplifying the problem as much as needed, identifying solution paths, developing solution techniques, and delivering following timeliness

Desired Skills (These are skills that would be nice for candidates to possess):

  • Familiarity with commercial software such as Fluent, Star CCM, Matlab, Comsol, ANSYS (structural)
  • Familiarity with problems that have chemical reactions, combustion. Comfortable with problems that have reactions, need of basic chemistry knowledge.
  • Familiarity with heat transfer problems that are radiation dominated
  • Confidence in large data management to applying in-depth data analysis and statistical tools to the design of experiments and the interpretation of result, and defect identification and categorization

Education and Experience (minimum required for consideration):

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computational Science, or Physics/Chemistry OR Masters in above with 3-5 years of experience

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