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Controls Technician

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Fecha: 17/03/2021

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88730

Empresa: Corning

Numero de Requisicion: 44209


Corning es uno de los principales innovadores del mundo en el área de las ciencias de materiales. Por más de 160 años, Corning ha aplicado su incomparable experiencia en física óptica y vidrios y cerámica especializados para desarrollar productos que han creado nuevas industrias y han transformado la vida de las personas.

El éxito de Corning se basa en una inversión sostenida en Investigación y desarrollo, una exclusiva combinación de innovación en materiales y procesos y una estrecha colaboración con los clientes para resolver complejos desafíos tecnológicos.

Nuestro segmento de comunicaciones ópticas acaba de evolucionar de ser un fabricante de fibra óptica y cable, hardware y equipos para convertirse en un proveedor integral de soluciones ópticas líder en la industria, abarcando la industria de comunicaciones más amplia. Este segmento se clasifica en dos grupos de productos principales: red de operador y red empresarial. El grupo de productos de red de portador consta principalmente de productos y soluciones para infraestructuras de comunicaciones de fibra óptica para servicios como comunicaciones de video, datos y voz. El grupo de productos de red empresarial consta principalmente de redes de comunicación por fibra óptica dirigidas a negocios, gobiernos y personas para uso propio.

Controls Technician



Performs a variety of technical duties and activities including experimental procedures, collection of data from manufacturing process, data analysis and graphical analysis.  May be involved with measurement labs and/or customer data to help engineers resolve customer complaints or improve manufacturing yields.  May lead and direct P&M trades and/or contract trades personnel in equipment installation, repairs or upgrades.



  • Trains and coaches new engineering personnel on equipment and process(es)
  • Understands equipment used in key process(es) and interprets data from process(es) to solve problems
  • Works with teams focused on product innovation, cost reduction projects, etc.
  • Troubleshoots process and equipment issues
  • Works with engineers to develop and implement testing and integration of equipment
  • Works on equipment projects to reduce costs, downtime and/or defects and increase yields
  • Proactively guides front-line production workforce and technical teams to comply with safety, health, equipment standard operating procedures, and environmental regulations
  • Provides inputs to project plans that identify resources and accurate timelines
  • May be asked to participate in developing a new process or machine to improve the current process
  • May be asked to write process, product or equipment documentation



  • Technical Degree (Electromechanical, Mechatronic, Electronic)


Work Experience

  • Minimum 5 years in a manufacturing environment working with automated equipment 


Additional Skills


  • Languages: English 50% spoken & written.

Technical Curiosity

  • Displays interest and drive to understand technical problems.


Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance (Technician)

  • Assures and helps enforce that all safety procedures (i.e., Lock out/Tag out, PPE, Safety shoes, etc.) are followed at all times
  • Understands regulations applicable to area of expertise and works to ensure compliance
  • Seeks to identify and correct potential safety or environmental issues before they occur
  • Informs plant safety of serious potential hazards that are out of their scope


Computer Literacy

  • Utilizes advanced skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel to analyze data and report
  • Utilizes computer applications (such as CAD) to more efficiently perform tasks


Process/Product Knowledge

  • Thoroughly understands the machinery and the manufacturing process equipment, both upstream and downstream in the process
  • Has deep understanding of how different components, equipment, processes and systems work together


Technical Writing

  • Documents results or procedures (experiment plan results, data analysis, lab documentation)
  • Writes key summaries
  • Uses appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation




  • Actively listens to all input
  • Does not let pre-conceived ideas hinder ability to hear other input
  • Actively works to understand the position of others even when in disagreement
  • Acknowledges the input of others



  • Recognizes and is tolerant of differences in people
  • Works to assure everyone is at the same point of understanding/agreement before moving forward
  • Takes the time necessary to assure everyone fully understands their role in the project or activity



  • Provides the information people need to know to do their jobs
  • Provides individuals information so that they can make accurate decisions
  • Is timely with information