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Quality Engineer SQE I

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Fecha: 22/01/2022

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88730

Empresa: Corning

Los empleados internos de Corning tienen la oportunidad de revisar las ofertas de empleo globales en busca de posibles intereses. Sin embargo, se les recomienda hacerlo con el entendimiento de que la posibilidad de considerarlos candidatos para puestos ubicados fuera de su área geográfica (ciudad, país, región) dependerá de diversos factores, como la disponibilidad de experiencia local en la materia o de talento cualificado, la necesidad de obtener autorización de trabajo y su disponibilidad, los costos asociados con la transferencia interna, etc. La organización contratante será quien decida si permite que los empleados que se presenten a cargos fuera del área local sean considerados para el puesto vacante. Se recomienda a los empleados que deseen aplicar a una vacante en Corning, hablar con su supervisor sobre su interés antesde aplicar formalmente.


JOB TITLE:             Supplier Quality Engineer                                                                             

SUPERVISOR          Supplier Quality Engineer Supervisor                                                                                


DEPARTMENT:     SQE                                                                     LOCATION:      Reynosa Plant                    


  1. Job Purpose:


  1. Responsible for monitoring, control and improve supplier Quality Performance (interplant and external suppliers)
  2. Evaluate suppliers Capability to meet corning requirements.
  3. Function as liaison between purchasing, engineering, manufacturing and suppliers to resolve supplier quality issues and to provide technical support
  4. Conduct supplier audits to drive process standardization, waste elimination and continuous improvement and assure they meet Quality Standards.
  5. Work with Purchasing to ensure supplier performance is regularly reported and that appropriate and timely corrective actions are implemented
  6. Champion problem solving and root cause analysis activities with suppliers and customers to eliminate recurrence of


  1. Communicate urgent issues to Supplier Quality Leadership
  2. Develop long‐term supplier relationships and generate and implement cost reduction projects.
  3. Review/audit supplier manufacturing processes and quality systems
  4. Determine cause of supplier quality problems and coordinate/implement effective solutions
  5.  Drive “Zero Defect” mentality within the supply base.



2. Indicate the main responsibilities and duties of the position:


  1. Review the raw material rejected from production line or incoming inspection process
  2. Attend on time all raw material problems in production floor and assure containment actions are effective to prevent an impact in production orders.
  3. Audit Suppliers with worst performance and establish an action plan to improve the delivery and quality of their products.
  4. Evaluate suppliers through Score cards to monitor their performance.
  5. Open Supplier Feedbacks (Claims) using 8d. Assure corrective and preventive actions are effective
  6. Establish agreements with suppliers to improve the quality performance and actions plans
  7. Give follow up to material defective to get RMA credit working with purchasing and financing group.
  8. Follow structured process to present a problem to procurement and suppliers
  9. Work with Procurement Team to develop projects that impact cost reduction portfolio
  10. Make use of Quality Core Tools to analyze the Raw Material Problems



  1. List two of the most complex decisions indicative of this function and its impact on the function, department and / or corporation.


A. Definition of critical suppliers in Supplier Quality Score Card and results of quality assessments to internal departments.

B. Risk Quality Assessment about products that not meet corning performance to suppliers and Corning Internal Department.




  1. Internal / External Customers.
  1. Internal:
    1. Production Line Groups
    2. Quality Engineering
    3. Material Planning
    4. Purchasing Group.
    5. Financing Group                                     


  1. External.
      1. Design Group
      2. Supplier
      3. Procurement


  1. Direct Personal.
        1. None           


6.    Minimum Knowdlege and skills:


 A. Education.

  •  Engineering Career
  • ISO 9000
  • 8D
  • Audit Certification
  • Six Sigma
  • SPC, MSA
  • New Product Introduction                              

       B. Laboral Experience.

  • +5  years in similar position
  • Experience to interpet Drawings
  • Experience in ISO 9000

 C. Skills.

  • Bilingual
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation

     D. Software.

  • SAP
  • SPC Excel
  • Power Point, Excel, Word



7. Extraordinary Activities.

A. Collaborate and participate in internal and external audits


Grupo Salarial: Grade A

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