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Fecha: 21/09/2022

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88730

Empresa: Corning

J O B   D E S C R I P T I O N


JOB TITLE:           Nurse                                                                                                               DEPARTMENT:            Health Department                                                                                   LOCATION:       Reynosa Plant.             


  1. Purpose of Position.   
  1.  Support Company's safety/health system; support the Doctor's activities work in the medical admission process as well as health and medical need for all the employees.                                                                        


  1. Mention the major responsibilities and tasks of the position.
  1.  Support the Doctor’s work in all the medical situations, such as accidents, prevent and take care of regular or labor related diseases.
  2.  Take care of the previous process of the medical admission test for new employees and regular medical checkups for the existing ones.
  3.  Able to perform medical survelliance on employees exposed to ocupational risk acording to corporate and mexical legislation
  4.  Do safety rounds through the company premises.
  5.  Able to detect unsafe labor conditions focusing it to the right person or department.
  6.  Able to keep control of medicine flow, safety equipment and to administrate medication and primary consults to employees.
  7.  Do all the clerical work related to control temporary disability certificates, ST.-7,  ST.-2, ST-3 , etc.                     


  1. List the two most complex decisions indicative of this function and its impact to the function, department and/or corporation.


  1.  Medical attention in accident, incidents or medical emergencies
  2.  Medical admission process or  Medical Survelliance                                                                    


  1. Internal and External Customers.
  1. Internal.
    1. All type of personnel, including Hourly and Salaried employees.           


  1. External.
      1. IMSS
      2. Red Cross
      3. SSA
      4. Local Private Hospitals               


  1. Personnel Directed.
        1. None                 


6.    Minimum Knowledge and Skill Requirements.


 A. Education.

  • Nurse Technician or Bachelor Nurse degree           

       B. Work Experience.

  • Occupational safety – Maquiladora Industry
  • Health Government institutions
  • Private Local Hospitals

 C. Additional Skills.

  • Excellent presentation.
  • Ability to interact with all type of personnel.

Able to understand Basic English desirable.