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Production Manager (Metals)

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Fecha: 2/09/2021

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88730

Empresa: Corning

Los empleados internos de Corning tienen la oportunidad de revisar las ofertas de empleo globales en busca de posibles intereses. Sin embargo, se les recomienda hacerlo con el entendimiento de que la posibilidad de considerarlos candidatos para puestos ubicados fuera de su área geográfica (ciudad, país, región) dependerá de diversos factores, como la disponibilidad de experiencia local en la materia o de talento cualificado, la necesidad de obtener autorización de trabajo y su disponibilidad, los costos asociados con la transferencia interna, etc. La organización contratante será quien decida si permite que los empleados que se presenten a cargos fuera del área local sean considerados para el puesto vacante. Se recomienda a los empleados que deseen aplicar a una vacante en Corning, hablar con su supervisor sobre su interés antesde aplicar formalmente.


Production Manager (Metals)


Purpose of Position.   

  1. Provide leadership and expertise to establish processes and procedures to promote an efficient operation in the production areas, support the selection of equipment and improvement of processes and equipment to increase efficiency and reduce cost..   


Mention the major responsibilities and tasks of the position.

  • Prioritize and manage multiple, complex tasks & complete them on time every time
  • Assist in the hiring of the production personnel necessary to efficiently produce product 24 hours a day within established production costs.
  • Maintain close surveillance over operations through perusal of reports, staff meetings, observation, and personal contact to assure coordination an integration of timely work flow, timely production, budgetary conformance, schedules, utilization of personnel, skills, machines, equipment and facilities.
  • Oversee installation and initial use of new equipment, to insure proper use, operation and integration into the department.
  • Organization and prioritization of diverse on-going projects and employee safety.    


List the two most complex decisions indicative of this function and its impact to the function, department and/or corporation.

  • In conjunction with the Operations and associated Managers, assist with the development and formulation of long and short range plants, policies, programs, operating procedures and objectives. 
  • Be accountable for the timely completion of projects.
  • Be responsible for all cost associated with the production areas.



Internal and External Customers.



    • Plant Manager.
    • Plant Controller.
    • Finance Manager.
    • Materials Manager.
    • Engineering Manager.
    • Quality Manager.
    • Human Resources Manager.
    • Facilities Manager.
    • Maintenance Manager.
    • Information Systems Manager.
    • Custom & Tax Compliance Manager.       



  • Companies that use fiber optic cables.      


Personnel Directed.

        1. Production Superintendents.



Minimum Knowledge and Skill Requirements.



  • Bachelor of Science degree, preferable with a Technical emphasis                                                       


       Work Experience.

  • Minimum 5 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Minimum 5 years of supervisory experience               


       Additional Skills.

  • Fully bilingual.
  • Work independent of supervision.
  • Experience in mechanic metal industry, cutting processes, bend, insert, weld and paint.
  • Technical experinece, control and improvement of processes related to mechanical metal
  • Experience managing operations employees such as engineering and maintenance teams
  • Knowledge in financial budget and department spendings.
  • Prioritize and manage multiple, complex tasks and complete all tasks on time every time.
  • Act as a team member, leader and/or facilitator.
  • Make a communicate decision.
  • Plan and schedule rapidly changing requirements.             


Extraordinary Activities:

Contribute and participate in Internal and External Audits in department, as well as being responsible for the good results of such.

    Some examples of Audits are: ISO, TL, 5's, Safety, Sarbox, among others.