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Sr. Logistics Supervisor

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Fecha: 15/09/2021

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88718

Empresa: Corning

Los empleados internos de Corning tienen la oportunidad de revisar las ofertas de empleo globales en busca de posibles intereses. Sin embargo, se les recomienda hacerlo con el entendimiento de que la posibilidad de considerarlos candidatos para puestos ubicados fuera de su área geográfica (ciudad, país, región) dependerá de diversos factores, como la disponibilidad de experiencia local en la materia o de talento cualificado, la necesidad de obtener autorización de trabajo y su disponibilidad, los costos asociados con la transferencia interna, etc. La organización contratante será quien decida si permite que los empleados que se presenten a cargos fuera del área local sean considerados para el puesto vacante. Se recomienda a los empleados que deseen aplicar a una vacante en Corning, hablar con su supervisor sobre su interés antesde aplicar formalmente.


Sr. Logistics Supervisor


Purpose of Position.   

Coordinate and provide front line supervision of all activities through assigned personnel on receipt, transfers and inventory accuracy inventory within Receiving and Stockrooms areas                 



  1. On a daily basis plans and coordinates work activities for material handler, clerk or any personnel assigned
  2. Assigns personnel to off load in a timely manner all incoming material and routes accordingly within facility
  3. Coordinates distribution of MRO items to customers throughout the facility in an expeditiously manner
  4. Assure raw material components are picked and delivered to Manufacturing areas without production interruptions
  5. Validate and maintains accurate inventory through supporting cycle count program to meet department goals
  6. Performs area inspections and audits as required to ensure housekeeping and safety violations are non existent
  7. Create and update trade control and compliance procedures  
  8. Continually review and validate HTS classification.
  9. Responsible to ensure maximum compliance with AEO and CTPAT Requirements.


Complex decisions.

  1. Coordinate based on production needs dispatch of materials as required
  2. Uncoordinated dispatches will cause production interruptions to plant
  3. Unable to maintain support program requirements as required will create inventory discrepancies, impacting production          


Knowledge and Skill Requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in foreign trade, international trade, logistics
  • Act as a legal representative for IMMEX                                               
  • 1 year receiving/stockrooms administrative or supervisory experience
  • SAP knowledge
  • C-TPAT, NEEC and safety culture      
  • 3-5 years’ experience on Mexico import/ export compliance required                                     
  • Fully bilingual
  • Microsoft office
  • Strong understanding of custom documentation
  • Strong Knowledge of Global Trade XXI (PRISMA), Annex 24 and 31.



Contribute and participate in Internal and External Audits in department, as well as being responsible for the good results of such. Some examples of Audits are: ISO, TL, 5's, Safety, Sarbox, among others.



Grupo Salarial: Grade C

Cantidad de referencias del empleado: $10,000.00