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Sr. Planner

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Fecha: 20/09/2022

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88730

Empresa: Corning

Los empleados internos de Corning tienen la oportunidad de revisar las ofertas de empleo globales en busca de posibles intereses. Sin embargo, se les recomienda hacerlo con el entendimiento de que la posibilidad de considerarlos candidatos para puestos ubicados fuera de su área geográfica (ciudad, país, región) dependerá de diversos factores, como la disponibilidad de experiencia local en la materia o de talento cualificado, la necesidad de obtener autorización de trabajo y su disponibilidad, los costos asociados con la transferencia interna, etc. La organización contratante será quien decida si permite que los empleados que se presenten a cargos fuera del área local sean considerados para el puesto vacante. Se recomienda a los empleados que deseen aplicar a una vacante en Corning, hablar con su supervisor sobre su interés antesde aplicar formalmente.


Sr Planner

Purpose of Position    

  1. Meet customer expectations of on time delivery as customer service champion. On a daily basis, assures customer orders are acknowledged utilizing available resources and materials management techniques
  2. Maintain raw material flow from vendor/supplier establishing partnerships. Interfaces between production and customer care representatives        
  3. Sr. Planner is the voice of the customer in the plant
  4. Provide mentoring to Planners & Jr Planners on technical areas and skills. Support department and organization growth by analyzing constraints and suggesting and leading projects to implement solutions, as well as meeting the department objectives & managing the most complex product line families of the operation


Responsibilities and tasks of the position

  1. Analyzes customer order requirement, production capacity and material availability to acknowledge shipping dates for assigned production lines
  2. Execute and maintain Master Production Schedule as required
  3. Execute and troubleshoot MRP messages and recommendation to ensure raw material components from internal and external suppliers are ordered on time, according to our sales expectations (forecast)
  4. Ensure these components are received and forwarded to the manufacturing facility accurately and on a timmely manner
  5. Create, support & promote techniques to maintain system integrity (e.g. planning factors like leadtime schedule type, Safety Stock, planner code and/or buyer code)
  6. Communicates issues/concerns related to schedule changes caused by design problems, capacity limitation or material shortages, to appropriate levels within the organization
  7. Promote, support and follow up on department & company goals (e.g. Promise of Delivery and Customer Sensitivity)
  8. Communicate and follow up issues/concerns related to schedule changes caused by design problems, capacity limitation, material shortage or short lead time from customers, to the appropriate level of the organization (e.g. Supervisors, CSR, PLM)
  9. Interact with corporate Customer Care Representatives (CCR’s) at on-going basis
  10. Interact and follow up with PLM  on product behavior
  11. Work actively with PLM to contribute to the efficiency of the forecasting of products 
  12. Monitors  inventory levels and implement strategies to maintain it at optimum levels in order to optimize inventory turns, efficiencies and ensuring supply
  13. Coordinates production strategies with manufacturing and PLM to develop stock quantities to satisfy rushed customer orders
  14. Established and maintains communication with internal/external suppliers to improve lead times, and other issues concerning to raw materials
  15. Evaluate and implement PPCs and TPC’S and support other  activities related to the planning function, (e.g. update lead time and re-promise databases, etc.)        
  16. Support developing & mentoring of Planners &  Jr Planners. Active participation on team work & leadership efforts, in order to optimise available resources as required by the area supervisor
  17. Coordinates Lean Supply Chain efforts to establish strategies as buffering management in order to reduce waste and ensure customer satisfaction
  18. Other tasks as assigned by Plannnig Supervisor 


Knowledge and Skill Requirements


 A. Education

  • Bachelor’s Business Administration degree  or related field  
  • Bachelor’s Industrial, Mechanical, Logistics or Supply Chain related field
  • APICS, Green Belt or Lean Supply Chain certifications are desired              


       B. Work Experience

  • Minimum of 2-4 years planning experience
  • Experience SAP or ERP systems
  • Customer services & leadership skills
  • Analytical team player with excellent problem solving skills
  • Lean Supply Chain knowledge
  • Project work engagement


  C. Additional Skills

  • 100% Bilingual
  • Presentation skills
  • Computer skills     


Grupo Salarial: Grade C

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