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Tooling Manager

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Fecha: 22/11/2021

Ubicación: Reynosa, TAM, MX, 88730

Empresa: Corning

Numero de Requisicion: 48651


Corning es uno de los principales innovadores del mundo en el área de las ciencias de materiales. Por más de 160 años, Corning ha aplicado su incomparable experiencia en física óptica y vidrios y cerámica especializados para desarrollar productos que han creado nuevas industrias y han transformado la vida de las personas.

El éxito de Corning se basa en una inversión sostenida en Investigación y desarrollo, una exclusiva combinación de innovación en materiales y procesos y una estrecha colaboración con los clientes para resolver complejos desafíos tecnológicos.

La división de Fabricación, tecnología e ingeniería de Corning (MTE) es reconocida como líder en excelencia de ingeniería y tecnologías de fabricación innovadoras, y proporciona diversas habilidades a los negocios emergentes y existentes de Corning.

Nos anticipamos y proporcionamos tecnologías de fabricación de vanguardia, valiosas y oportunas, y experiencia en ingeniería. Nos asociamos con los negocios de Corning y la división de Ciencia y tecnología. Juntos creamos y mantenemos la fabricación de Corning como una ventaja diferenciadora.

Tooling and Equipment Manager    


LOCATION: Reynosa Plant 1

DEPARTMENT: Engineering                  

  1. Purpose of Position.   
  1.  This position provides day to day and long term leadership to the Tooling and Equipment Departments, providing short term tactical plans and long term strategic guidance to define needs, design, acquisition, introduction, administration and performance improvement of equipment, tools, dies, molds, gauges, jigs and associated systems needed to maintain new and existing operations from the equipment and tooling stand point. This position receives assignments in the form of objectives and establishes goals to meet objectives. Provides guidance to subordinates to achieve goals in accordance with established policies. Work is reviewed and measured based on meeting objectives and schedules. Establishes and recommends changes to policies which affect subordinate organization(s). Erroneous decisions or failure to achieve goals results in additional costs and personnel, and serious delays in overall schedules. Frequently interacts with subordinate supervisors, customers and/or functional peer group managers. May interact with senior management. Interactions normally involve matters between functional areas, other plants, divisional groups or customers and the company. Manages, through subordinate supervisors, the coordination of activities of a section or department with responsibility for results in terms of safety, costs, and quality. In some instances, this manager may be responsible for a functional area and may not have subordinate employees.
  1. Mention the major responsibilities and tasks of the position.
  1. Develop short term tactical plans and long term strategical vision to support business objetives
  2. Lead TPM culture across the functions and individuals
  3. Drive cultural changes in the organization to stick to Process Control and Process Discipline
  4. Lead the organization to secure adhierance to policies of Safety and Quality
  5. Secure the capacity and capabilities within Tooling and Equipment organization to support business objetives
  6. Secure proper Tooling and Equipment life cyle to meet business objetives
  7. Drive low cost effective manufacturing with reliable toosl, equipment and systems
  8. Other activites could be:
    1. Enfornce workplace organization
    2. Engineering Change Design & Implementation
    3. Mold/Tool Design, repairs
    4. Quote analysis (Tools and Mold Machines)
    5. Mold problem Analysis at molding machine
    6. Follow up to the release of new molds and tools


  1. List the two most complex decisions indicative of this function and its impact to the function, department and/or corporation.
  1.  Hire technical experienced personnel to properly support tooling and equipment life cycle in Molding Operation
  2. Define requirements and selects Tools/Equipment to support business operations to properly meet safety, cost, capacity and capability


  1. Internal and External Customers.
  1. Internal.
    1. Plant Engineering, Operations, Supply Chain, Quality, Internal Project Stakeholders, PEx, Divisional Engineering, Molding Functions, corning mfg. sites  


  1. External.
      1. Customers, Vendors, External Project Stakeholders  


  1. Personnel Directed.
        1. Single bands
        2. Double band
        3. Hourly ee


6.    Minimum Knowledge and Skill Requirements.


 A. Education.

  • Engineering BS or MS Degree, desired molding science related, or Mechanical related
  •  Advanced English level

       B. Work Experience.

  • 10-15 or more years of technical area of tooling and Equipment, development and maintenance experience
  • 3-5 Year of managerial experience

 C. Additional Skills.

  •  High knowledge in tight tolerance molds
  • High Knowledge in hot runner system
  • Creo Parametric/Master CAM part design advanced
  • Creo Platform/Master CAM mold design advanced
  • Creo Platform/Master CAM machining advanced
  • Creo Platform/Master CAM Assembly advanced
  • Creo Platform/Master CAM Detailing advanced
  • Windchill or any DWG control software Knowledge
  • Mechanical parts of molds knowledge
  • Ability to perform daily reports
  • Demonstrates methodic problem analysis and solving skills
  • Experience Designing Fixtures and mechanical components.
  • Ability to interact with people from Molding Process Engineering
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Knowledge of metrology and measurement reliability
  • Expertise in heat treatment of steel
  • Experience in machining of different materials for the manufacture of molds
  • Mold Flow Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Injection molding machine maintenance in varies tonnages
  • Knowledge of peripherical equipment maintenance (thermolators, pumps, etc.)
  • Knowledge of drying systems, experience with Motan system is a plus
  • Experience commissioning and decommissioning Injection Molding Machines


7. Extraordinary Activities.

A. Contribute and participate in External Audits in department, as well as being responsible for the good results of such.

Some examples of Audits are: ISO, TL, 5's, Safety, Sarbox, among others.


Grupo Salarial: Grade D

Cantidad de referencias del empleado: $10,000.00