Process Engineer

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日期: 2024年6月4日

地點: TuCheng City, TW, 236

公司: Corning

Requisition Number: 63190 



Corning is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. For more than 160 years, Corning has applied its unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products that have created new industries and transformed people’s lives.


Corning succeeds through sustained investment in R&D, a unique combination of material and process innovation, and close collaboration with customers to solve tough technology challenges.


Our Optical Communications segment has recently evolved from being a manufacturer of optical fiber and cable, hardware and equipment to being a comprehensive provider of industry-leading optical solutions across the broader communications industry. This segment is classified into two main product groupings – carrier network and enterprise network. The carrier network product group consists primarily of products and solutions for optical-based communications infrastructure for services such as video, data and voice communications. The enterprise network product group consists primarily of optical-based communication networks sold to businesses, governments and individuals for their own use.



Purpose of the Position:

  • Lead Micro Optics product/process Quality/Cost/Delivery/Safety improvement in plant, including BOM, C/T, yield of automation & manual assembly/ testing/packing process
  • Transfer NPI from NPI team to mass production with Corning Innovation process
  • Cooperate with operation team/IT to optimize production system
  • Lead/support plant project, such as DMAIC, DESIGN, Lean, etc.


Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Provide day-to-day problem-solving support to production, development, and research operations
  • Train operators and trades personnel on new equipment and processes
  • Use rigorous processes and technical knowledge to build detailed technical understanding for key process steps
  • Function as a team member or team leader on focused projects
  • Trouble shoot material, process and equipment issues, identifies root cause, and implements corrective action
  • Implement and document material, process and/or equipment changes
  • Use simple statistical tools and Designed Experiments (DOE) in process problem solving and process improvement; Uses more sophisticated statistical tools and DOE techniques in problem solving and process/product improvement
  • Assure quality and repeatability of processes and products
  • Support division engineering team with new product introductions through equipment installation, process certification, documentation, training, and sample run
  • Assure safety of operators and equipment and complies with safety and environmental regulations
  • Develop SME knowledge of material, process and/or equipment in focused areas of manufacturing or engineering
  • Execute cost reduction and improvement (DMAIC) projects in line with business objectives
  • Lead TPOCS document receiving/reviewing for P-FMEA/Process Flow Chart/ Control Plan/ process feasibility studies/, etc.


Project involved with:

  • Mass production product of Micro Optics in Corning OCS
  • NPI product of Micro Optics in Corning OCS

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